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Research Team

Lead PI Carla P. Gomes, Cornell University (Director ICS)
Co-PI David Shmoys, Cornell University (Associate Director ICS)
PI Thomas Dietterich, Oregon State University (Deputy Director ICS (OSU))
PI Mary Lou Zeeman, Bowdoin College (Deputy Director ICS (Bowdoin))

Cornell University
Gomes, Lead PI, Computer Science (Director ICS)
Shmoys, co-PI, Computer Science (Associate Director ICS)
Conrad, co-PI, Resource and Environmental Economics
Hopcroft, co-PI, Computer Science
Selman, co-PI, Computer Science
Barrett, Resource and Environmental Economics
Bento, Resource and Environmental Economics
Bernstein, Computer Science
Cooch, Natural Resources
Damoulas, Computer Science
Dilkina, Computer Science
DiSalvo, Chemistry
Farnsworth, Lab of Ornithology
Fink, Lab of Ornithology
Guckenheimer, Mathematics
Hames, Lab of Ornithology
Hochacka, Lab of Ornithology
Hooker, Biological Statistics and Computational Biology
Iliff, Lab of Ornithology
Kelling, Lab of Ornithology
Mahowald, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
McDonald, City and Regional Planning
Riedewald, Computer Science
Rosenberg, Lab of Ornithology
Sabharwal, Computer Science
Strogatz, Applied Mathematics
Walker, Biological and Environmental Engineering
Wood, Lab of Ornithology

Oregon State University
Dietterich, PI, Computer Science (Deputy Director ICS)
Albers, co-PI, Resource and Environmental Economics
Montgomery, co-PI, Resource and Environmental Economics
Wong, co-PI, Computer Science

Bowdoin College
Zeeman, PI, Applied Mathematics (Deputy Director ICS)

Conservation Fund
Amundsen, Conservation Planning

Howard University
Yakubu, Applied Mathematics

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Chavarria, High Performance Computing
Sofia, Biology

Drop us an email if you'd like to join us in establishing the field of Computational Sustainability.


Sponsored by the National Science Foundation