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ICS Kick-Off Meeting

November 21, 2008
Cornell University

The Institute for Computational Sustainability held its Kick-Off Meeting on November 21, 2008. The meeting was attended by nearly 60 participants and served as a key forum for bringing together researchers from various institutions and organizations participating in the Expedition (Bowdoin College, Howard University, Oregon State University, the Conservation Fund). The focus on was exchanging ideas, discussing potential collaborations, and giving brief overviews of challenge problems in sustainability and promising computational techniques to solve them.

The meeting was open to the entire Cornell University community, providing an opportunity for all Cornell community members to get involved and collaborate with the ICS. The meeting agenda included nearly 20 presentations, break-out sessions, dinner structured around working groups, and an ICS Executive Committee meeting. Presentations were made by both ICS members and non-members.

Meeting Agenda

Time Item Speaker Location
8:30-9:00A Breakfast Sage 127
9:00-9:20A Welcome and Overview Carla Gomes Sage B6
9:20-9:25A The Cornell Center for a Sustainable Future (CCSF) Helene Schember / Sid Leibovich Sage B6
9:30-9:45A Fire Management Claire Montgomery Sage B6
9:45-10:00A Nonlinear Dynamics Steven Strogatz Sage B6
10:00-10:15A Bird Conservation Ken Rosenberg Sage B6
10:15-10:30A Bird Conservation Steve Kelling Sage B6
10:30-10:40A Break Sage 127
10:40-11:10A Machine Learning Thomas Dietterich Sage B6
11:10-11:25A Biofuels Larry Walker Sage B6
11:25-11:40A Fishery Management Jon Conrad Sage B6
11:40A-1:00P Lunch Rhodes 508
1:00-1:30P Dynamical Systems John Guckenheimer Sage B6
1:30-1:45P African Pastoral Systems Chris Barrett / Russell Toth Sage B6
1:45-2:00P Biofuels Antonio Bento Sage B6
2:00-2:15P Optimization David Shmoys Sage B6
2:15-2:30P Dynamical Systems of Exploited Fish Populations Abdul-Aziz Yakubu Sage B6
2:30-2:45P Coffee Break Sage 131
2:45-3:00P Ecological Dynamical Models Stephen Ellner Sage B6
3:00-3:15P Uncertainty in Natural Systems Evan Cooch Sage B6
3:15-3:30P Air Quality Modeling Natalie Mahowald Sage B6
3:30-3:45P Strategic Conservation Planning Ole Amundsen Sage B6
4:15-5:30P Breakout Sessions Upson 5130, 5126, 5160 and 4135
5:30-6:30P Happy Hour / Walk / Open House
6:30-8:30P Dinner (But structured around working groups) Statler Hotel, Taylor Room
8:30-9:30P Executive Committee Meeting Upson 5126

Drop us an email if you'd like to join us in establishing the field of Computational Sustainability.


Sponsored by the National Science Foundation